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8 Apr 2020

Eminent Seeds introduces new Sweet bite

Eminent Seeds introduces new Sweet bite

High yield, extended shelf life, tasty fruit and labor-saving are some of the specifications of the new baby point pepper varieties from Eminent Seeds. Especially Jan van Heijningen, specialty pepper pioneer and founder of Eminent Seeds, is very proud of the new varieties. “I was immediately impressed by the new varieties when I saw them in the first screening. We have been in the process of developing new (improved) baby point peppers for a while, and these products are promising...”  said Jan.

Over 20 years ago, Jan van Heijningen introduced a new product on the market: the baby point pepper, commonly known as the Sweet bite pepper. He was the exclusive grower of Sweet bite peppers in Europe for years, until the license ended and the varieties became available for all growers. At that moment Jan decided together with his brother that they did not wanted to be depending on the seed companies anymore, and they founded their own: Eminent Seeds. 

After the first screening at Eminent Seeds in the Netherlands, the varieties have been tested in different locations around the globe. The results were fantastic and the growers were very enthusiastic. The seeds of the three varieties with red, yellow and orange fruits have been produced and will be available for growers who want to test our variety later this year. 

Are you interested in seeds for these new baby point varieties? Contact Niels Koolstra!

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