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7 Feb 2020

Our co-operation with Vineland

Our co-operation with Vineland

In October last year it was officially announced that Eminent Seeds and Vineland Research & Innovation Centre will be working together to develop, promote and sell tomato varieties for specific growing areas. Ever since this has become known publicly we have started promoting and selling the new varieties from Vineland. 

This includes three unique red vine tomato (150 gram) which has been specially developed for Leamington (Ontario) and areas with much the same climate conditions. The first trial seeds were sent to growers in selected countries at the end of 2019. At the moment we are focussing on New Zealand and Australia to organize trials with the TOV’s.

We have of course not been sitting idle but are kept constantly busy with the developing of new varieties. Importantly we are very busy in the development of varieties that are resistant to ToBRFV. As soon as we have a new development it will be available to read in the news letter on the website of Eminent Seeds.

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