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10 Sep 2019

Our new Fresno is taking over the world of chillies

Our new Fresno is taking over the world of chillies

Eminent Seeds is marketing a new and improved version of the Fresno. The chilli pepper has proven its worth at a number of tastings both in the Netherlands and abroad and leaves the competition well behind in several areas. We are seeing growing numbers of chilli pepper growers asking for the new Fresno for cultivation next year, including large-scale cultivation.

The production and vigour of growth, in particular, of this new hybrid have made huge improvements. In fact, we are observing  an increase of 25-30% in yield per m2. The plant also produces upright and uniform fruits. As you might expect from a Fresno, the taste is mildly spicy. And certainly worth mentioning: the new Fresno has a longer shelf-life than its predecessors.

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