Eminent Seeds on Spoon


At Eminent Seeds, quality is our top priority – that goes without saying. Top quality in the development of our special varieties of tomatoes, sweet peppers and chili peppers, but also in the production of seed – which means that our exclusive varieties can be grown anywhere in the world.

Product development

We constantly test and improve the characteristics of our varieties. Quality is monitored on an ongoing basis throughout the growing period: flavour, appearance and keeping qualities, but also plant growth and maintenance. The varieties that fully meet our stringent demands during cultivation are used in further crossing and development work. Only the best varieties are selected for seed production.

High quality seed production

We produce some of our seed in-house and outsource some production to selected seed production companies, always in conformance with the strict standards of GSPP (Good Seed and Plant Practices) and under the supervision of Naktuinbouw, the Dutch Inspection Service for Horticulture. This gives our customers complete confidence in the origin of our products. Our seeds are cleaned, graded and treated to the highest safety standards. They are closely inspected by our quality department, enabling us to guarantee a high germination rate. So we can offer every professional grower top quality seeds they can rely on.