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Breeding by Design

There are multiple breeding companies in the world. All of these companies aim to make new, improved varieties. During the selection and introduction of a variety there is usually a focus on predefined countries, regions or continents: a ‘standard’ variety is created that can be used by all growers. Eminent Seeds is not an exception to this rule, or are we?

With Breeding by design Eminent Seeds is taking a big step. We cooperate with a customer. This customer tells us what their specific wishes are. The specialists at Eminent Seeds start to develop an exclusive tailor-made variety for the customer, which is optimal for their working and growing conditions.

Breeding by design by Eminent Seeds will be performed locally, at the grower. To find the perfect variety for the grower, selections and screenings have to be done in the growing conditions and climate where the grower is located. Criteria that are very important are: light intensity, quality of the irrigation water, resistances, and the wishes of the customer.

Do you have questions about Breeding by Design?  We would love to hear them, so please contact us at:

  • Phone: +31 174 214 575
  • E-mail: info@eminentseeds.nl